Audio-Media Design One-Sheet CV

On-site 20.1 ch mix (IOSONOS 3D) for domed fly-ride DREAM OF ANHUI. Anhui, China 2017

DAN WOOL, Composer & Sound Designer
608 Paris Street SF Ca, 94112

Themed Entertainment Work Samples

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25+ years creating music and sound design for feature films, television, documentary, performing arts, advertising and theme park installations. Extensive experience with music production, engineering, mixing, and on-site audio media sound installations


Dan Wool is a San Francisco, California, based composer and sound designer who has worked in New York, Los Angeles, London, Mexico City and Anhui China creating scores and sound design for broadcast television projects, multichannel-audio theme park installations and more than 35 feature films, including seven films for celebrated cult filmmaker Alex Cox (director of Repo Man, Sid & Nancy). Dan first gained notoriety as the principal composer in the soundtrack-group Pray for Rain. From 2010 to 2021 Dan collaborated with filmmaker and legendary special effects artist Phil Tippett to create the score for Tippett’s epic stop-motion feature film, Mad God. Dan has also worked extensively creating sound and music for international and domestic advertising and sound branding and also as sound-designer for short films and documentaries, including several for the BBC and Channel 4 (UK). As a music producer, and engineer, Dan has collaborated with international artists such as Bernie Worrell (Parliament-Funkadelic), Philip Chevron and James Fearnley (The Pogues); Debra Harry (Blondie); and many Bay-Area artists, including All My Pretty Ones, Meredith Axelrod, Essence, The Glowing Stars, Indianna Hale, Joe Lewis, The Mermen.

In the Arts, Dan has created scores and sound-design compositions for The Architecture and Design Museum (A+D Museum), Los Angeles, Amy Seiwert’s Imagery Dance (Sketch Series),  AXIS Dance Company,  Liss Fain Dance, RAWdance, choreographer Sonsherée Giles, choreographer Alice Sheppard and Ballet de la Compasión. In 2018 his music and sound design work for Phil Tippett and Lucy Raven’s experimental film OUT THERE screened at MoMA (NYC).

In 2023 Dan was nominated for an Annie Award (International Animation Society Award) for Best Music in an Animated Feature Film for his score for Phil Tippett’s Mad God. Dan has twice been nominated for an Isadora Duncan Dance Award (Izzie Award) – in 2017 for his work with Liss Fain Dance and in 2013 for his work with AXIS Dance Company.



  • “TERRITORY 360” VR & Dome-experience. Prod KINETIC LIGHT and DOUBLE EYE MEDIA (2024). Score composition and sound design for VR experience and dome-installation presented in binaural audio (VR), multi channel audio TBD (dome), plus haptic accessibility features
  • “FLY SICHUAN” Sunac Theme Park Flying Ride (Tianfu, China) Prod TIPPETT STUDIO (2020) Score composition, Audio Media design, including 20.1 ch ride-mix, 2.1 ch mixes for pre-ride & outer areas
  • “FLY CHONGQIN” Sunac Theme Park Flying Ride (Chongqin, China) Prod TIPPETT STUDIO (2020) Score composition, Audio Media design, including 20.1 ch ride-mix, 2.1 ch mixes for pre-ride & outer areas
  • “WANDA OCEAN PARK” Prod TIPPETT STUDIO (2018) Audio Media design, Score composition and mix for custom 3D theaters in Jinan and Haikou, China at WANDA theme park. 5.1 channel sound
  • “DREAM OF ANHUI” Wanda Theme Park Flying Ride (Anhui, China) Producer TIPPETT STUDIO (2017) Score composition (for live orchestra, choir & trad Chinese instruments), Audio Media design, including 20.1 ch ride-mix, 2.1 ch mixes for pre-ride & outer areas
  • “HAVOC IN HEAVEN” Sunac dark-ride (Guangzhou, China) Prod TIPPETT STUDIO (on hiatus as of 2023)
    Score composition, Audio Media design for multi-environment dark-ride (with point-source, 5.1 ch environments, and on-board audio) to be mixed onsite
  • “BREATHE PEACE WORLD” (aka “AYA”) VR experience. Producer TIPPETT STUDIO (2016) Sound Design and additional music composition for binaural spacial audio mix
  • “MARS WORLD” Kaisa Group dark-ride (Shenzhen, China) Prod TIPPETT STUDIO (on hiatus as of 2023)
    Score composition, Audio Media design for dark-ride (circular platform with 12.1.1 ch audio), and flying-theatre (10.1 ch audio) to be mixed onsite



  • “HERE. TAKE IT” (2022) Liss Fain Dance. Commissioned sound design and score for performance-installation presented in 8.2 channel audio at Z Space, SF Ca
  • “LRPT” (2017 – 2018) Sound-design composition for on-going experimental media project by Lucy Raven and Phil Tippett. Presented in 5.1 channel sound at EMPAC (Albany, New York) 2017, MOMA (NY,NY) 2018
  • “TACIT CONSENT” (2016) Liss Fain Dance. Commissioned sound design and score for for performance-installation presented in 22.1 channel audio at YBCA, SF Ca
  • “A SPACE DIVIDED” (2015) Score and sound design for performance-installation. Choreographers Christian Burns, Liss Fain and Amy Seiwert. Presented in 10.1 channel sound at Z-Space SF Ca
  • “WINDSHIELD PERSPECTIVE” (2013) The Architecture and Design Museum. Commissioned sound design and sound installation for A+D Museum, LA. Presented in 8.1 channel sound


SELECTED FILM & TELEVISION SCORE CREDITS: (feature films except as indicated)

  • Eventos En El Campo (2023) (Short Film)
  • Phil Tippett’s Mad God (2022) (IFC Films) – Annie Award Nominated
  • Inclinations (2019) (Short Film)
  • Tombstone Rashomon (2017)
  • Racing to Zero (2014) (Documentary)
  • Hog’s Tooth (2014) (Short Film) – Cannes Film Festival Nominated
  • Sin Pais (2010) (TV) (Short Documentary)
  • Immigration Tango (2010)
  • Repo Chick (2010)
  • Searchers 2.0 (2007)
  • The Wednesday Woman (2000) (NBC Television)
  • Death and the Compass (1999)
  • Kurosawa: The Last Emperor (1999) (Documentary)
  • Three Businessmen (1998)
  • Late Last Night (1999)
  • The Almost Perfect Bank Robbery 1998 (CBS Television)
  • Since You’ve Been Gone (1998) (Miramax)
  • Standoff (1998) (Trimark Pictures)
  • White Mile (1994) (HBO Television)
  • Car 54, Where Are You? (1994) (Orion Pictures)


SELECTED SOUND DESIGN CREDITS (film and television):

  • “OBLIVION” Sound design, mixer for indi short film. Delivered in 5.1 format. Dir. Masha Kechaeva in collaboration with Jurassic Museum of Technology (2023)
  • “EVENTOS EN EL CAMPO ”  (2023) Sound design, mixer for independent short film. Delivered in 5.1 format. Coco Producciones Cinematograficas. Dir. Alex Cox
  • “MAD GOD – GHOUL LOG” (2022)Sound design, mixer for one-hour featurette. Delivered in 5.1 format. Producer Shudder/AMC Films. Dir. Chris Morley
  • “INCLINATIONS” Sound design for short dance-film film. Canada Council for the Arts. Dir. Alice Sheppard, Danielle Peers (2019)
  • “BREATHE PEACE WORLD” Sound design for interactive VR experience. Prod. Tippett Studio. Dir. Alex Hessler
  • “THE HACK” (2011) Sound-design, re-recording mixer for independent short film. Prod. David Kabbe, Dir. Andrew Kabbe
  • “5 WESTERNS” (2009) Sound design and additional underscore for Channel 4 (UK) documentary. Dir. Alex Cox.
  • “REPO MAN DVD Elements” (2006) Sound design, mixer and underscore. Universal Pictures . Dir. Alex Cox, Peter McCarthy, Jonathan Wacks



  • “INDIANNA HALE” Vinyl Album by Indianna Hale. Mixing and additional recording. Fur Tuxedo Records
  •  “THE GET HAPPY STRING BAND” Album by The Get Happy String Band. Recording and Mixing
  •  “PUPPET SHOW” Single by The Gothees. Mixing and programming
  •  “A BIRD WITH FEATHERS OF BLUE” Album. Producer, and mixing
  •  “ASSEMBLAGE” by All My Pretty Ones. Producer, recording and mixing
  •  “CAST A LONG SHADOW” Love & Rockets, Zander Schloss, La Plebe, Mike Watt. Mixing for live concert video
  •  “TONE POEMS” CD by All My Pretty Ones  Album. Producer, recording and mixing
  •  “HANDSBREADTH” EP by All My Pretty Ones Album. Producer, recording and mixing
  •  “ONLY I CAN SAVE YOU” Album by Todd Stadtman. Recording and mixing
  •  “ANXOTICA” CD by Todd Stadtman. Recording and mixing
  •  “GHOST RIDERS IN THE SKY” Featuring vocal by DEBBIE HARRY (Blondie) Arranger producer, mixing
  •  “THE AMAZING CALIFORNIA HEALTH AND HAPPINESS ROADSHOW” Album by The Mermen. Additional mixing and engineering.



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